All-in-one SubFab Management for process monitoring.

SubFab monitoring

We are a brand independent partner for your SubFab monitoring solution.

Our scalable online SubFab monitoring system offers numerous features and tools for data acquisition and analysis of different devices in the basement of semiconductor fabs. The software platform allows for real-time monitoring of Subfab components such as pumps, abatements, chillers etc.

Complete coverage of all device interfaces
OEM independent all-in-one SubFab Management
Non-proprietary software

OpenMonitoring – tailored to your needs.

Transfer of process-specific data in real time
Improvement of yield management using process-related data
Fault detection and classification (FDC): high throughput FDC interface
Simple and comprehensive device administration
Seamless view from Fab-level down to single device
Easy creation of user profiles
Energy and media consumption tracking via COO module
Documented abatement traceability
Optional energy saving
ADG Open monitoring provides bidirectional functionality to actively control connected devices, based on tool and MES data
Operational service and deployment scheduling
Enables predictive and preventive maintenance
Service reporting
Maximization of device availability: using data acquisition and predictive maintenance as well as planning and supervision of service and maintenance
Data logging for device and/or FSE-related service and support management
Comprehensive toolset for CI/CD, versioning, automated rollout and other admin functions
Optional integration of standard software monitoring tools
Supports HA requirements
Why AD?

Why ADG OpenMonitoring is different from proprietary OEM monitoring systems?

Our SubFab monitoring system serves as a seamless connection between different groups of devices (pumps, abatements, heaters, chillers) within one single platform. ADG OpenMonitoring offers an alternative to well-known monitoring islands provided by OEMs. The system can be rapidly integrated (partially or full-scale) and used to gain actionable insights. The unified access to and control of SubFab devices and infrastructure  is a key asset to all parties involved.

Online SubFab monitoring via the web browser
Complete device monitoring
Continuous data acquisition: process related data, consumption data, status information and alarm data
Suite of parameterized alerting functions (alarms, warnings, messages), context-related limit settings and configurable notification system
Numerous analysis functions for evaluation of the acquired data

Features and functions:

Seamless access to historical and current device data
Configurable (short and long term) data storage following user requirements
Bidirectional functionality for monitoring and control (required for optional Green Mode)
Data interfaces to MES and tools