Smart processing and IIoT solutions.

About us

From start to finish – you can rely on us for industrial monitoring and test solutions.

For over 30 years customers have drawn on our expertise in software for data acquisition and test solutions. We are proud to serve customers ranging from young start-ups to industrial heavy-weights. This is in fact very much the way we think and act ourselves – as a trustful partner for reliable solutions but always keen on exploring new ways and ideas.

Our competencies

Automation – quick, low risk, unique. That’s what we do.

Our broad skillset is key to delivering solutions which allow you to stay ahead. We cover software for data acquisition and testing, engineering, electronics development and prototyping.

  • Software for test applications
  • Test rigs and test adapter
  • Automation solutions
  • Industrial data acquisition and processing
  • IT administration for IIoT installations
  • Real-time test software
  • Application- specific software for small controllers
  • Automatisierung Dresden is a member of many open source communities
  • Mechanical design
  • Mechanical layout and calculation
  • Product development
  • Hardware development
  • Circuit design
  • PCB layout and design
  • Control theory
  • System manufacturing
  • Design and construction of prototypes
  • 3D design and printing
  • product development support
  • Testing and optimization
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Our solutions

We make your processes more efficient with custom-made IIoT solutions.


Our customers are visionaries and innovators.