Production data acquisition – SMB 4.0

Manufacturing monitoring

Unleash the full potential of your manufacturing. If needed via retrofitting.

You’ve got data and need help to collect and make use of it? You want to improve operational performance and the planning of maintenance intervals? We digitalize production flows. With the help of our manufacturing monitoring solution, production data can be collected, monitored and analyzed.

Often times, production plants differ in terms of age, functionality and interfaces. We create the possibility to embed your machines into a modern IT environment. We help you gain and analyze comprehensive information about your production processes – by retrofitting your equipment with automation technology.

100% parts traceability: easy access to important information
Real time monitoring: condition monitoring of your machines in real time
Data acquisition and analysis: data-based process optimization
Maintenance: better predictability of production cycles as well as service life and maintenance intervals
Security: Whether local storage or cloud, your data is protected
Process integrity: No interference with your machines or processes

Digitalized within 6 weeks. The procedure:

We digitalize manufacturing processes during full operation to detect potential savings. You get immediate results within 6 weeks after project launch. We collect machine data with the help of sensors and our custom-made hardware. The data can be accessed via a dashboard and the current status of your equipment can be monitored in real time.

Your benefits

The benefits of our system

Cost efficiency

We use modern hardware cost-efficiently, as our system is designed for use in SMBs

Open source

royalty-free, inclusive and adaptable to future requirements


various possibilities for customization to guarantee an optimal adaptation to your processes and requirements


25 years of experience in data acquisition, sensor technology and manufacturing equipment

Immediate benefits

Get results within 6 weeks after project launch – without interrupting your ongoing production


long-term support after the project


Areas of application

Acquisition of operational data from manual or partially automated production lines in order to identify optimization potentials
Data collection and manufacturing control for manual workplaces
Specific solutions for nest production