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What is IIoT?

IIoT is an abbreviation for industrial internet of things.

It encompasses sensors, devices and instruments that are networked together with digital, industrial applications to gather, exchange and analyze data. Together with the right tools, it can be used to boost productivity and efficiency. It also enables predictive maintenance as a cost saver. But what’s needed for Industry 4.0?


There is, of course, a need for sensors that are able to collect the information from machines and manufacturing lines. Such sensors are either already existing or have to be retrofitted to embed the devices into a modern IT environment. In reality, machines are often times rather heterogeneous in regard to their age and manufacturer. Scalability and cost efficiency are also important factors, especially if you plan to expand your production plants. One can easily lose track while looking for the right hardware, considering the numerous options available on the market. But we at Automatisierung Dresden help you to get the best fit for your needs.


A powerful software platform is just as important as the right hardware. It enables data monitoring and analysis. The software should be able to adapt to the differing manufacturing conditions and the various device and sensor interfaces. Data security shouldn’t be neglected either, regardless of local or cloud storage. ADG Open Monitoring combines all of these aspects in one single software platform - while also being open source.

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... of companies, which use IoT solutions, value the results.

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... recorded initial success after just 3 months.

40,5 %

... consider IoT platforms crucial for the IIoT.

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